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Decoding Sales OTE: A Guide to On-Target Earnings

by Jeff Gray | Published on - May 1, 2024

The world of sales compensation can be complex, and understanding On-Target Earnings (OTE) is crucial for employers attracting top talent and candidates navigating their career paths.  In this article, we’ll dive into the world of OTE — explaining its components, variations, and role in building a successful sales career. What is Sales OTE (On-Target Earning)?

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5 Steps to Negotiating Salary in the Recruitment Process

by Brent Thomson | Published on - January 3, 2024

If you’re a top performer and know you deserve to be paid top dollar, salary negotiation is likely in your future. Prepare proactively by creating a salary negotiation strategy.  Step 1: Do Your Homework What are other professionals in your industry and role making?,, and are great places to research before salary

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7 Ways to Hit Your Year End Target With Ease

by Ryan Thornton | Published on - December 20, 2023

When your year end target is just out of reach, there are seven ways to push your team to the finish line.  1. Communicate Your Year End Target Keep energy levels high on your team by sharing your targets clearly and enthusiastically. Make sure every rep understands the importance of your goal. 2. Emphasize Key

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Don’t Make These 7 Offer Stage Mistakes

by Kyle Fletcher | Published on - December 19, 2023

You’ve found the perfect candidate for your open position, and it’s time to extend an offer. If you stumble in the process and make offer stage mistakes, you may end up losing top talent in your candidate pool. We’ve identified seven major offer stage mistakes companies make and how you can fix each one.  Mistake

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4 Things to Prove to Your Boss That Show You’re Ready for a Promotion Negotiation

by Brent Thomson | Published on - November 20, 2023

Sales leaders are always looking to promote talent on their teams strategically. So, what makes a representative stand out to them? And how can you position yourself for a promotion negotiation your boss can’t say no to?  Here are the four steps to promotion negotiation prep that we recommend: #1 Prove That Your Value is