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10 Must-Measure Sales Metrics Examples for 2024

by Ryan Thornton | Published on - January 26, 2024

Sales metrics go beyond numbers; they are a crucial indicator of your business’s well-being. By monitoring sales analytics, your revenue team eliminates guesswork regarding your company’s performance.  However, knowing where to start is challenging, given the many sales metrics available. In this article, we’ll delve into the 10 essential sales metrics examples every business should track,

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Our Top Tips on How to Grow Accounts

by Ryan Thornton | Published on - January 4, 2024

Selling doesn’t stop when a sale is closed. That’s just the beginning of your relationship with a new customer. Providing quality delivery, offering upsells to a customer’s existing purchase, and getting renewals of subscriptions can all help you grow accounts.  Make the most of your every sale with these tips on how to grow accounts! Don’t Depend

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3 Ways Your Employees Will Sabotage Hitting Year End Targets

by Ryan Thornton | Published on - December 27, 2023

Year-end is full of pressure for any sales team. That said, you and your team members should face your targets with courage and optimism until December comes to a close. Here are three things employees might do that sabotage hitting year end targets — and how to remedy them. #1 Quitting Early When sales reps

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7 Ways to Hit Your Year End Target With Ease

by Ryan Thornton | Published on - December 20, 2023

When your year end target is just out of reach, there are seven ways to push your team to the finish line.  1. Communicate Your Year End Target Keep energy levels high on your team by sharing your targets clearly and enthusiastically. Make sure every rep understands the importance of your goal. 2. Emphasize Key

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How to Handle Counter Offers — and Win Top Talent

by Ryan Thornton | Published on - December 18, 2023

Great employees are hard to find and even harder to lose, so counter-offers are inevitable obstacles in the hiring process. Be proactive about your strategy for buffering the effects of counter offers, and you’ll consistently win top employees.   1. Be Known as a Great Place to Work Proactively developing your company reputation will set