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3 Ways Your Employees Will Sabotage Hitting Year End Targets

Year-end is full of pressure for any sales team. That said, you and your team members should face your targets with courage and optimism until December comes to a close. Here are three things employees might do that sabotage hitting year end targets — and how to remedy them.

#1 Quitting Early

When sales reps feel like they’re running behind on their goals, they often quit before the quarter ends. This defeated attitude will keep you from hitting year end targets and spill over into the first quarter of the new year. Keep your team encouraged, upbeat, and working hard toward their goals. Instead of quitting on targets early, encourage them to find ways of hitting year end targets early!

#2 Making Excuses

Even under pressure, top performers don’t make excuses and slack off. Only mediocre employees give up on their goals. Year end time off, holiday plans, and other seasonal circumstances don’t justify disengaged behavior. If you notice employees making excuses about not hitting their numbers, it might be time to chat about reasonable career expectations. Be constructive in your conversations and offer proactive solutions to help them close year-end deals. 

#3 Ruining the Fun!

Year-end tensions can keep stressed-out employees from hitting year end targets. Whenever possible, nurture friendly competition and bonding across your team. Offer surprise rewards and appreciate every effort your employees make towards winning. Lighten the mood, and your customers will notice, too.

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