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32 Motivational and Funny Sales Quotes To Brighten Your Workday

by Brent Thomson | Published on - February 13, 2024

A good laugh can help ease stress and reinvigorate a salesperson’s drive toward sales success in the fast-paced and often pressure-filled sales world. Humor is an essential tool for lightening the mood and fostering a positive sales environment, be it through clever sales memes circulating in office emails or the witty banter between colleagues.  If you’re searching

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20 Gifts for Sales Reps to Boost Productivity and Engagement

by Eliot Burdett | Published on - February 6, 2024

As a sales recruitment agency, we have an in-depth understanding of the industry and what salespeople value the most — including gifts.  If you’re looking for gift ideas to celebrate a successful quarter, plan holiday gifts, or simply show appreciation, we have curated a list of 20 gift options that are designed to leave a lasting

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5 Reasons Your Top Employees Quit (Stop Doing This to Stop Them Leaving)

by Eliot Burdett | Published on - December 14, 2023

Have you noticed top employees are likelier to quit than your average sales rep? Then, it might be time to consider how you are driving them to leave. Read on to understand why your top employees quit and how to stop your company from bleeding talent. 1. You cap commissions. When you cap commissions, reps

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Your Remote Rep Checklist: Prepare to Hire and Establish Remote Reps for Your Sales Team

by Eliot Burdett | Published on - November 27, 2023

Remote work is here to stay, and innovative companies are learning how to accommodate their out-of-office employees better. Hiring remote reps can give you access to a new pool of top salespeople, cut compensation costs, and offer flexible work benefits to A-players looking for independence. Maximize the benefits of remote work by checking off our

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8 Steps for Creating a Culture of Success in Sales

by Kyle Fletcher | Published on - November 24, 2023

Skilled sales representatives should easily achieve their own independent goals. But what sets genuinely great sales representatives apart is that they contribute to creating a culture of success. This results in a team that can rely on each other, which will increase not only revenues but also job satisfaction. Company culture can even ripple into