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Why More HR Leaders Choose Peak

Introduce Science
Implement a structured & rigorous sales talent assessment process.

Get Candidates Fast
Quickly receive a strong flow of qualified sales talent.

Collaborate With the Experts
Get guidance on designing effective compensation plans.

Meet today’s business needs and tomorrow’s strategic objectives.

High turnover. Talent shortages. Compensation misalignment. Poor culture. These are just some of the challenges CEOs and Sales Leaders are handing off to today’s CHRO.

We ensure our HR clients meet these challenges and play an integral role building a high-performance sales force. Peak’s recruiting solution is proven to quickly improve critical sales talent acquisition metrics.

Great Talent + Deep Market Intelligence + Strategic Partnership = Competitive Advantage

Your internal stakeholders demand better talent, faster. That’s why Peak’s recruiting solution is proven to quickly improve critical sales talent acquisition metrics including time-to-hire, time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, time-to-ramp, and quality of hire.

While simultaneously improving your HR function today, we help clients evolve their HR function into a highly credible business partner that meets tomorrow’s strategic objectives. By helping to define a sales talent acquisition road map and talent plan that is tied to the extended corporate and sales strategies, strategic change, innovation, and improved sales force health is realized over the long-term.

More HR leaders rely on Peak’s services because it:

Reduces ramp-up times and turnover ratios by up to 15%.

Optimizes sales force costs by up to 32%.

Improves time-to-hire, time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, and quality of hire.

Maximizes employer brand through the delivery of market intelligence.

Learn more about how we deliver the sales talent needed to fulfill your growth vision and drive profitable revenue.