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Seattle’s leading sales recruiters.

Peak Sales Recruiting is the top sales recruiting firm for B2B Tech, Finance, and Industrial focused organizations in the Seattle Metro Area. Discover how we can help you build a high-performing sales team today. 

We help you recruit Seattle’s top sales professionals

In Seattle’s competitive job market, Peak Sales Recruiting excels in executive search services, connecting your company with highly qualified individuals ready to lead. Our experienced recruiters and targeted approach fine-tune the hiring process to ensure your sales roles are filled with only the best sales talent. And this is how we do it.

Our Seattle sales recruiters deliver you the top sales talent needed to achieve your sales hiring goals:

Make a critical hire.

Leverage the power of targeted headhunting and scientific assessments.

Pivot & build a new sales force.

Identify the exact profile needed to drive transformational change.

Expand in high growth markets.

Find your industry’s top talent in any market, in record time.


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