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San Francisco’s leading sales recruitment agency.

You’ve got aggressive growth goals. Our top sales recruiters deliver the sales talent needed achieve them. Connect with us to find top-tier sales talent in the San Francisco Bay Area today. 

Peak Sales Recruits the Top Salespeople in San Francisco

Recruiting salespeople in the world’s most innovative and disruptive tech hub requires a different approach. That’s why Peak’s scientific methodology and network is built to free your time and scale as you do, only delivering sales leaders with the exact experience, skills, and DNA to be successful in your organization. Guaranteed. And this is how we do it.

By focusing on key markets in San Francisco, our bay area recruiters understand the importance of matching tech startups and established tech industry giants with sales roles that will advance their growth trajectory. Our tailored approach assesses the needs of each employer to connect you with the right salesperson who will integrate seamlessly into your corporate culture and contribute to your success story.

Achieve your sales hiring goals today.

Recruit a New VP

Find the sales leader needed to accelerate top-line growth.

Build Your Sales Team

Quickly and confidently recruit proven SDRs, AEs, and RSMs.

Expand in New Markets

Hire top talent in the any city, in record time.


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