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Sales Recruiting 2.0 – How to Hire Top Performing Sales People, Fast:

Learn how to supercharge your sales recruiting from experts who are keen to give you a competitive edge.

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The First 90 Days – Your Guide to Making New Sales Hires Produce Fast

New Sales Hires Produce Fast In this FREE eBook you will find an outline for making sure your new reps are properly trained and deployed in the field.

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The Ten Most Costly Sales Hiring Mistakes

Stop wasting time and money. If you’re frustrated by turnover, low performance and missed sales targets, this FREE eBook is the answer.

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Make the Right Sales Hire Every Time

Would you like to have 100% of your sales reps at target? Or eliminate turnover? Our FREE eBook is your secret weapon.

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Sales Performance Management Guide

Improve sales force performance, employee morale, and retention rates.

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Expanding Your Sales Team to North America

With the world’s largest GDP by a wide margin and economy that is performing well, the United States naturally represents a highly attractive market for many companies based outside North America.

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VP of Sales Job Description Template

Peak’s guidance on defining the role of the Vice President of Sales is often requested and while different companies have different sales mandates and priorities, the primary responsibility is to deliver the right revenues.

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Sales Manager Job Description Template

High performing sales managers are gainfully driving revenue for their employers and not perusing job ads. So if you need to hire one, you are going to have to be more creative than the average employer and your job ads will need to stand out.

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Account Executive Job Description Template

One of the most important roles on a sales team is the Account Executive. While the role of Account Executive is almost always focused primarily on the acquisition of new customers, in some sectors, for instance, advertising and new media, the role also includes elements of ongoing customer service delivery and even collections.

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Sales Engineer Job Description Template

The sales engineer plays a vital role on a sales team. Not only do they help interpret a customer’s technical requirements and communicate product features, but they also given a level of trust that is often not offered to sales people and consequently, the sales engineer is in a very unique position to promote a vendor’s key benefits and value proposition.

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Sales Interview Questions Template

Interviewing salespeople is a lot like peeling an onion – it involves peeling away the superficial layers and getting past the conditioned sales responses to learn about their capabilities and traits, and determine whether they will fit with your sales team culture and produce superior results.

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Sales Representative Reference Questions Template

Reference checks are a critical component in the hiring process. Performing reference checks allows hiring managers to validate the traits and performance abilities of a potential sales hire. In addition, they allow hiring managers to learn more about the candidate and get tips on how to better manage them, if hired.

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Sales Recruitment Readiness Scorecard

Is your organization ready to recruit a top B2B sales performer? Take our test and find out!