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Sales Recruitment Agency in Austin, Texas

When you have aggressive sales targets, you need talented salespeople to drive revenue. Peak Sales Recruiting isn’t just another sales recruitment agency in Austin, Texas. We understand the unique rhythm of the tech industry and how B2B sales jobs are evolving. Contact our sales recruitment agency today, and we’ll walk you through how our recruiting services can help your organization build a high-performance sales team that outsells the competition.

Peak Sales Recruits the Top Salespeople in Austin, TX

While sales can be a saturated market, we’re sales recruiters who know how to curate Austin’s top talent within the industry. We’ll use our targeted search methodology to find talent who will use their skills and resources to foster fruitful client relationships and lead your teams to record results.

Candidates Appreciate Austin’s Business Climate

Austin, Texas is widely known as a growing hub for both new and established business ventures. Recent estimates indicate Austin is poised to continue increasing in population, hovering around 3.3 million people within the last 20 years and rivaling San Diego, CA.

Austin is also home to several major companies, including Apple, Charles Schwab, Facebook, and IBM. TechCrunch reported that venture capitalists invested over $5.5 billion in Austin startups in 2021. From the business opportunities to the appealing weather and outstanding food, it’s a desirable place to live, attracting elite candidates.

With so much talent to choose from in the area, how will you know who to look for? At Peak Sales, we recruit candidates who understand the velocity of the Austin market and can target sales opportunities that fit your specific Austin industry.

Our sales recruitment agency understands the power of active listening and effective communication. As part of the vetting process, we hold behavior-based interviews and role-playing. These interviews allow us to target candidates with soft skills essential to building successful client relationships. 

Our targeted search methods utilize analytics to identify the best candidates for your business. We use advanced tools like track record verification, psychometric profiling, and benchmarking. With this information, we can hone in on those who have hit quota for years and continue to produce outstanding results. 

You Need The Best Sales Teams – We Deliver

Your business deserves a salesperson who can capitalize on opportunities with an intimate understanding of your industry-specific market strategies. That’s why we don’t recruit just any salesperson but instead focus on finding talent within your industry, from tech sales to software, industrial, telecommunications, and professional services.

Technology Sales

With major players like Dell, National Instruments, and Oracle, the tech industry in Austin is booming. Tech sales professionals need to know their clients and be able to convey their technology’s value proposition through concrete and digestible storytelling.

Our sales recruitment agency will find the top-performing sales agents in Austin who have the tech background needed to accurately diagnose customer pain points and offer the right technical solutions to close deals.

Software Sales

Heavy hitters in software like BigCommerce and AMD are all over Austin. Tech sales professionals need to know their clients, and software salespeople need to know their products.

Peak Sales recruits software sales specialists who stay on top of the latest updates in product development, upselling customers when necessary. Your customer base won’t have to worry about what software works best for them because your salesperson will tell them.

Industrial Sales

Industrial sales keep businesses like major manufacturers and factories requiring their products afloat. Our sales recruitment agency will locate Austin talent who will understand how to use competitor information to boost sales. Armed with this knowledge, your sales team can help customers define their needs and make informed decisions based on best practices.

Telecommunications Sales

Telecommunications salespeople need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the products they sell, how they work, and the ability to explain that information to customers clearly. Your customers don’t need to know every detail of the product, but they should understand why it’s important for the success of their business. That’s where the talent we recruit comes in.

Professional Services Sales

Professional services cast a wide net across industries, so finding the right talent can be tricky. Peak Sales recruits professional services salespeople who specialize in your particular industry and who will research your customer’s needs in order to offer the best solutions. They’ll be able to communicate the real value of your services to make those conversions happen.

Peak Sales Recruits The Top Industrial Salespeople

Make a critical hire.

Leverage the power of targeted headhunting and scientific assessments.

Pivot & build a new sales force.

Identify the exact profile needed to drive transformational change.

Expand in high growth markets.

Find your industry’s top talent in any market, in record time.

We Make Finding Top Salespeople in Austin Easy

At Peak Sales, we pride ourselves on transparency, condensing our talent recruitment strategy into four clear steps that make finding the best salespeople for you and your company possible. We use a combination of real data and behavioral tests to determine the top candidates who will not only meet but exceed your sales expectations.

Scientific 4-Step Recruiting Methodology

Our recruiting methodology is thorough and laser-focused on getting you the right people to help your business grow. This strategy includes the following four steps.

Step #1: Determine Corporate Objectives
We conduct an in-depth evaluation of your business goals, current sales model, and company culture to ensure that our recruiting efforts are aligned with your values.

Step #2: Profile the Ideal Candidates
We identify your ideal candidates using a clear definition of skills, experience, and traits they’ll need to succeed in the role.

Step #3: Targeted Headhunting
We locate the hard-to-find candidates who continue to exceed quotas and lead their teams to achieve record numbers. These people won’t be temporary blips on the company radar but long-standing contributors to your success.

Step #4: Scientific Assessment
We use advanced tools to evaluate candidate history and conduct behavior-based interviews to ensure they’re the best person with the right combination of skills to thrive.

The Peak Guarantee

At Peak Sales, we’re revolutionizing sales recruitment because we are sales professionals ourselves. We know what to look for to kickstart your company’s growth and improve your sales management team, and we deliver results.

Since 2010, our candidates have generated over $1.2 billion in incremental revenue, and our customer success rate is over double that of competing recruiting agencies. We were founded by executive sales leaders, and we only recruit grade-A talent.

We guarantee the following:

  • Improved top & bottom-line growth
  • Reduced cost of sales
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Improved bench strength
  • Accelerated growth & increased company valuation


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Across the Lone Star State and Beyond

Beyond Austin, Texas, Peak Sales serves all of the Lone Star state and more, including major cities like:

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➤ Las Vegas, NV
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