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Sales Recruitment Agency in Toronto

Peak Sales Recruiting is the premier choice for B2B Tech, Finance, and Industrial sectors in the GTA, specializing in connecting you with top sales talent. Discover how we can assist in enhancing your sales team with experienced sales professionals today. 

As the leading sales recruitment agency in Toronto, Peak Sales connects you with the top sales talent in your industry. Driving growth for your company in the Greater Toronto Area requires a specific type of recruiting partner, and we have a unique understanding of Toronto’s tech industry and how B2B sales jobs are evolving.

Contact our sales talent agency today to learn more about how Peak Sales can build a high-performance sales team for your business needs that outsell the competition.

The Types of Candidates Peak Sales Finds

At Peak Sales Recruiting, we use a targeted search methodology to cut through the noise and curate the top sales talent in Toronto’s saturated job market. We find sales professionals who can utilize their unique skills, resources, and expertise to build successful client relationships and lead your sales teams to record results.

Toronto offers a strong business environment for employers to build their sales teams and for sales talent to advance their careers. About 40 percent of company headquarters sites in Canada are based in Toronto, and more than 200,000 people work in over 13,000 technology companies.

This has created an evolving hiring landscape for both sales professionals and companies looking to hire them. At Peak Sales, we recruit talented professionals who understand the Toronto market and can target sales opportunities, making successful placements that fit your company’s specific needs. 

Our Toronto sales recruiters understand the impact that active listening and effective communication can have on a healthy client rapport. As part of the vetting process, we conduct behavior-based interviews and role-playing scenarios to target top candidates with the soft skills needed to build successful client relationships. 

Your Peak Sales recruiter will evaluate each candidate’s communication skills, strategic thinking, and track record of success in building and maintaining client relationships. We can help you build a high-performing sales team that drives growth and success. Our focus on identifying candidates with these skills sets us apart from other sales recruitment agencies and ensures that our clients get the best possible results.

We use advanced analytical tools like track record verification, psychometric profiling, and benchmarking to identify qualified candidates for your business. With this information, we can hone in on sales superstars who have hit quota for years and have the potential to produce outstanding results for your company.

Peak Fills Sales Positions for These Sectors in Toronto

Your company deserves sales leaders who can capitalize on opportunities with an intimate understanding of your industry-specific strategies. Our recruiting company works with top companies in multiple sectors, from tech sales to software, industrial, legal services, and telecommunications.

Sales of IT Services, Technology

Toronto is home to over 13,000 technology companies. Our sales recruitment agency will find the top-performing tech talent in Austin who have the knowledge and experience needed to accurately diagnose customer pain points and offer accurate solutions.

Sales of SaaS

Whether you are a startup, mid-level company, or Fortune 500 business, recruiting the best SaaS sales professionals and top software sales talent is critical for your success.

Sales of Industrial, Fixed-Capital Products

Industrial salespeople drive the success of major manufacturers and factories requiring their products. We find candidates right in Toronto who understand how to use industry-specific competitor information to boost industrial sales, help customers define their needs, and make informed decisions based on best practices.

Sales of Consulting, Accounting, and Legal Services

Sales positions for consulting, accounting, and legal services require unique knowledge on a wide range of topics. Peak Sales locates qualified candidates that specialize in your industry and are dedicated to finding solutions and converting customers through expert knowledge and effective communication skills.

Sales for Telecom

Telecommunications sales roles must be filled by employees with an in-depth understanding of the products they sell, how they work, and the ability to explain that information to customers in a way that helps them realize why your products are important for the success of their business.

Our Toronto recruiters deliver you the top sales talent needed to achieve your sales hiring goals:

Make a critical hire.

Leverage the power of targeted headhunting and scientific assessments.

Pivot & build a new sales force.

Identify the exact profile needed to drive transformational change.

Expand in high growth markets.

Find your industry’s top talent in any market, in record time.

The Peak Sales Recruitment Secret

Peak Sales makes finding the right salespeople for you and your company possible. Unlike other sales recruitment agencies, who may only look at the professional history of a candidate, we’ve established a detailed strategy to ensure that you are truly connected with the best sales professionals in your industry.

A Data-Based 4-Step Recruiting Process

We’ve created a 4-step recruiting methodology focused on streamlining the hiring process by locating sales professionals who will help your business grow. This strategy includes the following four steps.

Step #1: Determine Corporate Objectives
We work with your company to get a thorough understanding of your business goals, current sales model, and company culture to ensure that our recruiters find candidates that align with your values.

Step #2: Profile the Ideal Candidates
Once we have established the goals of your company, we identify the right candidate for your open job position using a clear definition of skills, experience, and traits they’ll need to succeed in the role.

Step #3: Targeted Headhunting
Using targeted headhunting, we locate candidates who have exceeded quotas in their current or past sales positions and have the potential to lead your team to record sales numbers. We strive to find permanent placements for your company and do everything in our power to ensure our candidates will become long-standing contributors to your success.

Step #4: Scientific Assessment
We use advanced analytical tools, evaluate candidate history, and conduct behavior-based interviews to find the best person with the right combination of hard and soft skills to thrive in your organization.

The Peak Guarantee

At Peak Sales, we know exactly what to look for to kickstart the growth of our clients and drive the success of their sales team. We were founded by sales executives, and we only recruit grade-A talent. Since 2010, our candidates have generated over $1.2 billion in incremental revenue, and our customer success rate is more than double that of competing recruiting agencies.

We guarantee the following:

  • Improved top & bottom-line growth
  • Reduced cost of sales
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Improved bench strength
  • Accelerated growth & increased company valuation


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