About Us

At Peak Sales Recruiting, we specialize in one thing: bringing you the top performing sales and sales leadership talent you need to drive revenue growth and outperform the competition.

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We support Human Resource, C-Suite, and Sales Leaders who:

Have a critical sales hire and can’t afford to make a mistake


Talent Pipeline

Need to fill their talent pipeline because open seats are damaging market share and growth


Elite Salespeople

Are challenged by market saturation, changing buyer preferences, or a new go-to-market strategy that requires different breed of rep or a complete sales force refresh


Have their sights set on new growth markets and want to expand their market presence


Because our sole focus is dedicated to helping companies achieve these unique mandates, our client success rate is more than double that of other executive search firms. In fact, the candidate’s we’ve headhunted have generated over $1.2 billion in incremental revenue since 2010.

What makes us capable of consistently delivering these results?

Peak Sales Recruiting is lead by sales leaders who know how to find and attract top sales talent, and are experts at building and managing high performance sales teams.

Our proprietary search and assessment methodology combines all the most important elements of hiring top performers including:

  • Detailed role profiling
  • Headhunting
  • Scientific candidate assessment and industry benchmarking

And because our client’s success is our success, we provide complimentary advisory services to help you devise more compelling & effective compensation packages, become a preferred employer for the best sales leaders, and build a long-term talent plan that is in alignment with your industry’s workforce trends. We combine all these elements with the industry’s best guarantee and a success rate more than double the competition.

There’s a reason why the most innovative and disruptive companies leverage Peak Sales to grow their sales teams. Let us do the same for you. Are you ready?

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