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We’re a software sales recruitment agency

More B2B software companies call on Peak Sales to build and boost the effectiveness of their sales teams. How can we help you?

Accelerate Software Sales Performance With Our Proven Recruitment Solutions

At Peak Sales Recruiting, we help you build high-performing software sales talent that drives stronger company performance and accelerates growth.

Our software sales recruiters work closely with startups, mid-market leaders, and Fortune 500 companies to deliver top sales talent and reduce your hiring time. With our proven consultative approach and knowledgeable recruiters, you can confidently hire and stay ahead of the competition

Driving double-digit growth in the hyper-competitive software industry requires a different type of recruiting partner. That’s why Peak Sales Recruiting’s founders crafted a recruiting methodology uniquely designed by top sales leaders for top sales talent.

Software and SaaS Sales Recruitment for Startups

Recruiting the best SaaS sales professionals and top software sales talent is critical for the success of startups. In today’s ruthless market, the ability to sell software and SaaS solutions effectively can make or break a startup.

To attract and retain the best sales talent, you need to offer competitive compensation packages and opportunities for growth and development. At Peak Sales, we’ll prioritize candidates with a track record of success in selling software and SaaS solutions and those with experience working in startup environments.

By focusing on recruiting top sales talent, we can increase your chances of success in the competitive technology sales and SaaS market.

Our Areas of Software Recruitment Expertise

Business Intelligence

Our team of recruiters specializes in identifying and hiring top talent in the Business Intelligence (BI) industry, focusing on individuals who have proven experience with data analysis, visualization, and software development. We can source and place candidates who understand BI and can kickstart your sales.

CAD/CAM Software

We’ll find top talent in CAD/CAM software sales areas such as mechanical design, 3D modeling, and product development. We’ve got you covered with the best of the best sales candidates who understand software development, engineering, and mechanical drafting.

Customer Relationship Management

Peak Sales has extensive experience sourcing and placing candidates for roles in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), with a focus on those who specialize in software development, sales, and marketing. Need someone with intimate knowledge of CRMs, sales and marketing, or customer success management? We’re your answer.

Database and File Management

We have a deep understanding of the database and file management industry. We’ll identify knowledgeable talent within database design, data warehousing, and data migration to jumpstart your sales.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

If you’re looking to hire people within Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), we have a wide range of experience in discovering sales talent within software development, project management, and process improvement. Our recruits will help skyrocket your ERP sales to the next level.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Software as a Service requires a particular candidate with a proven understanding of areas like cloud computing, mobile application development, and user experience design. We’ll identify talented sales candidates who know their stuff and can get you results.

Peak Sales’ Recruiters Build High-Performing Sales Teams That Accelerate Growth

Make a critical hire.

Leverage the power of targeted headhunting and scientific assessments.

Pivot & build a new sales force.

Identify the exact profile needed to drive transformational change.

Expand in high growth markets.

Find your industry’s top talent in any market, in record time.

Our Scientific 4-Step Sales Recruitment Process is Results Focused

Determine Your Software Sales Goals
Our process starts with identifying your go-to-marketing strategies, sales model, and culture to ensure accurate software sales targets. This way, we can establish a recruitment strategy aligned with your corporate goals.

Find Hidden Candidates Based on Past Experience
Our targeted search methodology finds hidden talent with a track record of making quota and leading their teams to record numbers.

Profile Ideal Candidates Capable of Those Targets
We profile top software sales talent using detailed criteria of the skills, experience, and DNA they’ll need to hit those sales targets and succeed in the role.

Submit Sales Candidates to a Rigorous Testing
Every candidate is rigorously tested, leveraging a unique mix of advanced tools, including track record verification, behavior-based interviews and role-playing, and psychometric profiling and benchmarking.

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