How We Are Unique

Unlike the services offered by general staffing firms, traditional recruiters, and executive search firms, we specifically help HR Leaders, CEOs, and VP of Sales who:

  • Can’t afford to make the wrong sales hire
  • Have an empty talent pipeline and need to achieve aggressive hiring deadlines
  • Are undergoing transformational change initiatives and need to refresh their sales force
  • Need to sustain growth by building a sales force in untapped markets

Through our combination of sales expertise, a focused team approach, comprehensive candidate assessment, and our unique fee structure and guarantee, we ensure our clients successfully fulfill their human capital objectives.

Sales Expertise:
Combined, we have more than 250 years of experience recruiting and managing B2B sales teams. This sales management knowledge and expertise helps ensure we more thoroughly and accurately assess your unique sales hiring requirements, and develop and execute a more comprehensive and effective recruiting strategy.

Focused, Team Approach:
Our specialized sales recruiting experts are 100%-focused on finding top performing B2B sales professionals in four sectors. Every client is assigned a team that includes research, qualification, interviewing and selection experts. We only target and headhunt sales and sales leadership that who are currently employed, have a hit their sales goals over the past five years, and meet your specific hiring criteria. And because of our market specialization and client first approach, we have reduced our client’s time-to-hire by up to 80%.

Comprehensive Assessment:

Our client’s select Peak because every hire impacts the top and bottom line. That’s why we utilize a comprehensive set of advanced candidate assessment techniques that includes track record verification, traditional and customized evidence-based behavioral interviewing, and third-party psychometric evaluations and background checks. This ensures that the candidates we present will have both the skills and experience required to excel, and the DNA of a top sales performer.

Unique Fee Structure & Guarantee:
We use a more effective and competitive fee structure structure that’s based on a conventional approach, but with fixed price, no obligation stages and an industry-best replacement guarantee. This helps ensure we maximize our search efforts and are truly focused on recruiting the best possible candidates, and that you don’t overpay, while giving you greater control of the outcome.


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