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25 Relatable Sales Memes Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Sales is an exciting and challenging profession that can feel like a rollercoaster ride. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Check out our collection of 30 hilarious, relatable sales memes guaranteed to make your day. They’re perfect for bonding with fellow salespeople and lifting your spirits before your next call.

  1. Cold calling? No thanks
Cold Calling? Nah Building Relationships? Yeah!

2. Sweet Victory

When you exceed your sales quota for the month

3. Hello, you.

Me following up with a proposal I sent 24 hours ago

4. Look over here!

5. Just one more task

6. Draw 25

7. Perfect harmony

8. Sales can be scary

9. Sticker shock

10. My email will find you

11. The joy of a new lead!

12. Bye 👋

13. Please, no pressure…

14. The grass is greener

15. The hustle is real

16. Please, please, please

17. Still waiting…

18. Spot the difference

19. Trust issues

20. Another hoodie? Thank you!

21. All that work and what did it get me?

22. Please, let me show you the way

23. It’s hard, OK

24. The waiting game

25. Tick, tock ⌚

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