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20 Gifts for Sales Reps to Boost Productivity and Engagement

by Eliot Burdett | Published on - February 6, 2024

As a sales recruitment agency, we have an in-depth understanding of the industry and what salespeople value the most — including gifts.  If you’re looking for gift ideas to celebrate a successful quarter, plan holiday gifts, or simply show appreciation, we have curated a list of 20 gift options that are designed to leave a lasting

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5 Ways To Improve How You Train Sales Teams in Your Company

by Eliot Burdett | Published on - January 4, 2024

A few small shifts in the way you approach training can be the difference between successful onboarding and expensive hiring mistakes. As you train sales team members, consider these six tips for improving your process.  #1 Set Up Your Training Environment for Success Since happy salespeople are more productive by at least 20%, creating a workplace

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How to Use Conferences to Get Hot Leads

by Eliot Burdett | Published on - January 3, 2024

Leveraging conferences for leads isn’t as simple as just showing up. If you want to optimize your attendance, preparation starts before you attend the conference. The work to land hot leads requires follow-through at the conferences you attend and follow-up after you attend.  Here’s how to get started making the most of conferences:  1. Review the conference

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31 Must-Know Sales Follow-Up Statistics for 2024 Success

by Eliot Burdett | Published on - December 21, 2023

Sales hinge on connections, conversations, and conversions. All three of these are unlikely to happen without effective sales follow-ups. Consistency and persistence are key in 2024! We’ve gathered insights from top sales companies, including trends from trade shows. We checked them against the real-world experiences of thousands of high-performing sales teams we work with. We

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How to Hire Salespeople Outside Your Industry

by Eliot Burdett | Published on - December 20, 2023

Competition to hire salespeople is tough and you’ve exhausted the pool of eligible contenders in your marketplace. It’s time to fish in deeper waters. Recruiting outside of your industry is not difficult, but it does require some planning. You’ll need to define your selling environment, identify required skills and find someone with the right DNA