What We Do

Using our structured, rigorous, and scientific 3-step process, we specialize in providing B2B sales recruiting services for companies in the technology, professional services, telecom, healthcare, manufacturing and industrial sectors that need to quickly and confidently recruit account executives, sales managers, senior sales leaders and VPs, or entire sales teams.

Our Proven 3-Step Sales Recruiting Methodology

Step 1: We Profile Your Ideal Candidates

Our proprietary process starts with understanding your corporate and go-to-market strategies and ensure role specifics, candidate success metrics, competency models, and recruitment channels are in alignment with your sales model & culture, organizational stage, and your selling environment.

That means our recruiting efforts are only focused on headhunting talent with the skills, experience, and sales DNA needed to drive sales and profitable revenue growth. And because we are committed to our client’s successes, we guarantee that every candidate we headhunt will meet or exceed your expectations.

Step 2: Targeted Headhunting

Generic recruiting services bring you the usual under-performers. But our client’s come to us because they have aggressive hiring timelines and can’t afford to miss. They need to get their sales hires right.

Our targeted search methodology finds hidden talent who have hit quota for the last five consecutive years and lead their teams to record numbers.

This unique approach has enabled us to not only reduce our client’s time-to-hire by up to 80%, but bring our clients talent who have contributed more than $1.2 billion in incremental revenue since 2010.

Step 3: Scientific Assessment

Every candidate we present to our clients are rigorously tested by our candidate assessment team.  We leverage a unique mix of advanced tools, including:

  • Track record verification
  • Behavior-based interviews and role playing
  • Psychometric profiling and benchmarking

Our structured approach is driven by data and science, rather than intuition and ‘gut feel’. By eliminating objectivity from the recruiting process, we mitigate reduce our client’s turnover rates and long term health organizational health.

We don’t stop there.

Because our client’s successes is our success, we augment our 3 step methodology with ongoing advisory services to help:

  • Evaluate your headcount requirements against your sales and go-to-market strategy
  • Qualify and test internally sourced candidates
  • Build effective compensation packages
  • Enhance your onboarding system

In short, we do everything humanly possible to help you build a high-performance sales force.

Are you ready to experience all these benefits?

“Peak’s hire outsold our other reps combined and based on the hire, we raised quotas and made some team changes to align with the new benchmark.”
– David Auld, CEO, Channel Assist


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