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Our Top Tips on How to Grow Accounts

Selling doesn’t stop when a sale is closed. That’s just the beginning of your relationship with a new customer. Providing quality delivery, offering upsells to a customer’s existing purchase, and getting renewals of subscriptions can all help you grow accounts

Make the most of your every sale with these tips on how to grow accounts!

Don’t Depend on Your Hunters to Grow Accounts

Hunter salespeople are known to focus on the ‘win.’ They’re determined, motivated, and hungry for the sale. Given a choice between prospecting and checking in on existing accounts, prospecting will win every time. 

This short-term focus can damage customer relationships and leave money on the table. Lean into the power of farmer-type salespeople and their natural inclination to nurture relationships and grow accounts. 


Implement a Post-Purchase Communication Plan

Ask your sales reps to take twenty minutes after they close a new sale to activate follow-up reminders in your CRM. Check-ins should take place at regular intervals. Well-timed communications will lead to easier additional sales. 

Use check-ins to:

  • Confirm the customer has received the product 
  • Answer any questions your customers have 
  • Ask for feedback, shares, and reviews
  • Recognize customer anniversaries and achievements
  • Offer renewal promotions

Hire your next farmer salesperson with Peak. Get in touch with our team and we’ll tap into our global network of talent to find you the perfect fit.