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7 Ways to Hit Your Year End Target With Ease

When your year end target is just out of reach, there are seven ways to push your team to the finish line. 

1. Communicate Your Year End Target

Keep energy levels high on your team by sharing your targets clearly and enthusiastically. Make sure every rep understands the importance of your goal.

2. Emphasize Key Details and Territories

Identify the deals that matter most, then make your sales executives available 24/7 to support reps in closing crucial deals. 

3. Support Discipline and Good Work Habits

Find creative ways to ensure your team is sleeping well, eating well, and taking adequate breaks during their work days. Refreshed and recharged employees will always sell more!

4. Reach Out to Your Existing Customers

Prepare and share the best deals you can to inspire repeat business and timely purchases. 

5. Monitor Activity Volumes for Signs of Deteriorating Effort

As a leader, you must act quickly when the number of calls, meetings, or proposals decreases below typical ratios. 

6. Track Deal Slide

Time kills deals. Don’t let open offers hang. Jump on deals at risk of sliding into the next quarter, find out what you need to do to close them, and reach your year end target.

7. Say No to Negativity and Distractions

Ask your employees to turn off the news and stop doom scrolling. An anxious mindset won’t put them in the right mind to sell. 

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