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How to Handle Counter Offers — and Win Top Talent

Great employees are hard to find and even harder to lose, so counter-offers are inevitable obstacles in the hiring process. Be proactive about your strategy for buffering the effects of counter offers, and you’ll consistently win top employees.


1. Be Known as a Great Place to Work

Proactively developing your company reputation will set you apart from the start. Candidates who are eager to work for you will be easier to entice away from their current employer. 


2. Give Them Something Their Current Employer Can’t

Get close to your candidates. Seek to understand their career objectives and motivations for making a change. Then, design your original offer to suit their needs. If you can offer career opportunities that their current employer can’t, counter offers will be less likely to tempt your top candidate. 


3. Get Your Compensation Package Right

Candidates who receive low-ball offers that don’t even match their current pay are more likely to be insulted than inspired to negotiate. Make a first offer that meets or exceeds expectations. 


4. De-escalate Risk for Your New Hire

No matter how great your offer is, a gainfully employed individual will perceive risk in changing jobs. They already have proven success with their current company. To support their transition, lay out your expectations and their path to success clearly. 


5. Out-Counter the Counter Offer

Before your candidate returns to their employer, make it clear that you would like an opportunity to speak to them if they receive a counter offer. While a bidding war isn’t ideal, in some cases it is unavoidable. 

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