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Employee Referral Programs: Is Your Next Sales Rep Just One Connection Away?

Birds of a feather flock together, and so do top performers! 

That means your best employees are probably connected to a handful of people who would make great additions to your sales team. Don’t rush into an extensive search for job candidates. Ask your employees who they might know for the role. 

Prepare to ask your employees by creating an employee referral program. A simple employee referral program can motivate top performers to share their connections with your company.

Let Your Employees Know How You Handle Referrals

Determine your referral strategy. How should your employee get you in contact with their referral? Should the referral contact your hiring manager directly? Make your strategy easy to understand and predictable. This will help your team members feel more comfortable with your employee referral program.

Reward Employees For Successful Hires

When an employee’s referral gets hired or closes their first sale, they should receive a financial reward. You can also offer intangible benefits such as extra PTO days as a thank-you for the referral. 

Foster a Culture of Healthy Competition

More top performers on a team automatically means more competition for your current top performers. Maintaining a culture of healthy competition is crucial as you add to your team. Ensure that employees have common goals to work towards and give plenty of recognition for individual achievements. 

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