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Don’t Make These 7 Offer Stage Mistakes

You’ve found the perfect candidate for your open position, and it’s time to extend an offer. If you stumble in the process and make offer stage mistakes, you may end up losing top talent in your candidate pool. We’ve identified seven major offer stage mistakes companies make and how you can fix each one. 

Mistake 1. Not Previewing an Offer

The Fix:  Give candidates a verbal overview of your offer so they know how serious you are about hiring them. 

Mistake 2. Lowballing the Salary

The Fix:  Offer a salary above market. 

Mistake 3. Dragging Out the Process

The Fix:  Present an offer within 48 hours of the final interview. 

Mistake 4. Over Complicating Your Compensation Plan

The Fix:  Build your compensation plan over time and tailor it to your new hire’s motivations and needs.

Mistake 5. Assigning Small Territories

The Fix:  Evaluate your local market potential and communicate profitability to your candidate. 

Mistake 6. Failing to Provide Details

The Fix:  Share the tangible and intangible benefits included in your offer, such as health insurance, company car access, covered expenses, and schedule flexibility.

Mistake 7. Not Selling the Opportunity

The Fix:

  • Express why the candidate is a great fit.
  • Acknowledge the risk of change.
  • Emphasize the autonomy and fun your new hire will have
  • Show them how they’ll be both successful and satisfied at your company. 

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