Urgency is your nemesis when it comes to the hiring process. Before you make any moves, ask yourself these five questions and start your hiring strategy with focus and intention.

#1 What are our revenue targets?

Consider how you want your new hires to contribute to your revenue goals. What kind of salespeople will you need to do that? Farmers, hunters, or challengers? Inside or outside salespeople?

#2 What customer type are we targeting?

Your sales strategy should identify strengths and skills that make a candidate stand out. Hire those who have what it takes to connect with your customers authentically. 

#3 What culture do we want to create in our sales team? 

Whether you need an aggressive and competitive team or a collaborative and relationship-oriented one, knowing the culture you’re creating is key to a successful sales hiring strategy.

#4 What does sales success mean to us?

Define to align. Explore your explanation of sales success so that when your candidates share theirs, you can easily check for motivational alignment. 

#5 What does our sales organizational structure look like?

Consider team fit and the role you need to hire to maximize your current team and expand your sales results. 

A clear hiring strategy will keep you from rushing into a hire that isn’t a great fit for your goals. We’d love to help you create and stick to yours. Contact us today to get started

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