What’s the easiest way to lose half a million dollars by the time you’re 60? By never proactively negotiating your salary as a sales professional. 

Decide on a salary negotiation strategy as soon as you begin your job search. 

Avoiding negotiations could keep you working about eight years longer to make the same amount as your counterparts who do negotiate. So why wait? 

Most winning salary negotiations happen through a competing or collaborating strategy. In a study from Harvard Business Review, those who chose to negotiate their salary using these methods — rather than accepting the offer on the table — increased their starting pay by an average of $5,000. 

Be ready to articulate exactly why you deserve a higher salary. 

Do your research and understand what other professionals in the same position you seek are making. Think through what you bring to the table that other professionals in your industry don’t, then practice how you’ll address your salary and initiate the conversation in the interview process. Know when and how to counter, and be prepared to walk away if the final offer doesn’t represent your value. 

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Business man receiving a pay cheque.

Brent Thomson

Co-Founder at Peak Sales Recruiting
Before Peak, Brent worked in sales and sales-leadership positions for 18 years. He has considerable experience building and running high-performance teams, which consistently won awards and exceeded sales targets. He was Vice President of Sales for a financial management consulting company, and served with Borland Software as a Regional Sales Manager.

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