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3 Sales Coaching Techniques to Enhance Team Performance

Good sales managers know the value of constructive feedback. Great managers know that sales coaching takes feedback to another level. 

With the proper sales coaching techniques, sales leaders can bring out the best in their team, increase conversions, and promote a thriving sales culture. 

1. Personalize Goals

Even if your sales representatives know the goals of your company and team, they may need support personalizing these goals. Use open-ended questions to help employees define their values and career aspirations. Set meaningful personal goals by combining company goals with these employee values and career aspirations. 

2. Put Curiosity Above Criticism 

Turn your feedback into a conversation by choosing curiosity rather than criticism. If your employee’s performance is lacking or they are not aligned with self-defined goals, ask them why they think that is. Together, consider what resources they may need, what training would be helpful, or who they could collaborate with to improve. 

3. Facilitate Self-Reflection

Between sales coaching check-ins, employees should be empowered to reflect on their values, goals, and actions. Consider how your employee can measure their progress. Check-ins can start by reviewing your sales rep’s reflections so you can address what feels most relevant to them. 

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Co-Founder at Peak Sales Recruiting

Before Peak, Brent worked in sales and sales-leadership positions for 18 years. He has considerable experience building and running high-performance teams, which consistently won awards and exceeded sales targets. He was Vice President of Sales for a financial management consulting company, and served with Borland Software as a Regional Sales Manager.