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5 Quick-Hitting Interviewing Tips for Sales Representatives on a Job Search

Prepare to make an impression. With these interviewing tips, you’ll be able to elevate an average interview and become unforgettable. 

#1 Let your numbers speak for themselves.

Before your interview, gather your past sales records. Knowing exactly what your selling numbers are will help you show your competency in objective and professional terms.

#2 Be ready to share specific wins. 

A few powerful stories go a long way. Identify which stories about overcoming past challenges and optimizing results will provide a potential employer with the most comprehensive view of your skill set.

#3 Breakdown ‘why’ and ‘how’ you win business.

Develop a concise purpose statement of the ‘why’ behind what you do. Add to that ‘how’ you do it. Include what’s unique about your strengths and your sales approach.

#4 Study common interview questions.

Practice writing out your answers to questions you’ll likely encounter in your interview. Then, practice reading them out loud or find a mock interview partner. The more comfortable you present yourself, the smoother your interview will go.

#5 Stand out with a prepared sales plan and five-year plan.

Research the company’s product or service and develop a sales plan for accomplishing individual, team, and company goals. Additionally, prepare your own five-year plan to show how your aspirations align with the goals you want to help the company achieve. 

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