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11 of The Best Sales Chatbots to Increase Sales

Sales chatbots are a form of software that engages customers with human-like conversation. These chats can take place in a pop-up window on a company’s website, in text messaging platforms, and on other digital and social channels where customers seek out products and services to purchase. Chatbots are powered by a combination of artificial intelligence, integrated human intelligence, and natural language processing. 

11 Best Sales Chatbots in 2024

We’ve rounded up the top ten best sales chatbots for companies to consider using in 2024. Each one has unique pros and cons, varied pricing, and specific uses. Let your chatbot goals and customer needs guide your chatbot pick!

1. Tidio

Best Sales Chatbot for Follow-Up

  • Price – Free starter plan, $25/mo+ per user
  • Features
    • Uses Lyro AI to answer 70% of customer questions
    • WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, email, and live chat messages in one panel
    • Tagging and team-member-specific chat assignments for follow-up
    • User ratings and feedback data collection 

2. Intercom 

Best Proactive Support Sales Chatbot

  • Price – Free 14-day trial, plans starting at $74/mo 
  • Features
    • AI chatbot, help desk, and proactive support 
    • Real customer interactions train Intercom’s AI
    • Efficient shared inbox
    • Team-optimized tickets
    • 300+ apps and integrations 

3. Chatbot

Best Quick-Training Sales Chatbot 

  • Price – Free 14-day trial, plans starting at $52/mo for small companies
  • Features
    • Can be trained by multiple sources like your website, help center, or text documents
    • Automatically collects company data
    • Seamlessly integrate with CRM and other marketing tools
    • Detailed tracking for optimization 

4. Botsify

Best Done-For-You Sales Chatbot

  • Price – Free 14-day trial, DIY and DFY starting at $49-$149/mo
  • Features
    • Multilingual chatbot
    • Standalone AI
    • Integrates with third-party platforms and social channels
    • Conversational forms
    • Transfer chats easily to live sales reps 

5. MobileMonkey

Best Facebook-Focused Sales Chatbot

  • Price – Free app, Public pricing for plans unavailable
  • Features
    • Unifies Facebook Messenger bots, native website chatbots, SMS marketing and live chat
    • Chat Blasts (Messenger Broadcasting)
    • Facebook ad campaign enhancement
    • Website Chat + WordPress Integration
    • Zapier Integrations 

6. Aivo

Best Customer Service Consolidation Sales Chatbot

  • Price – No pricing information available, sales by demo only
  • Features 
    • Integrates ChatGPT with Agentbot Conversational Engine and Aivo Studio
    • Consolidates all customer service channels into one single platform
    • Create WhatsApp campaigns as well as Instagram, Twitter, Telegram
    • Meta business partner 


Best WhatsApp Sales Bots

  • Price – Free 7-day trial, plans start at $49/mo for five users
  • Features 
    • Set up to help you grow your business on WhatsApp
    • Multiple business users can use the same WhatsApp phone number
    • Nurture leads from Facebook and Instagram to get a higher ROI
    • Take orders directly on the WhatsApp platform
    • Broadcast and bulk messages 

8. Chatfuel

Best Customer-Success Supporting Sales Chatbot

  • Price – Business plans $14.39/mo+ with free trial, enterprises $300/mo+ with no trial
  • Features
    • WhatsApp and e-commerce-focused features
    • Chatfuel builds Instagram and Facebook chatbots as well
    • GDPR compliance and data protection
    • Integrates with ChatGPT
    • Intuitive flow builder with chatbot templates 

9. Drift

Best Customer-Success Supporting Sales Chatbot

  • Price – Plans starting at $2,500/mo
  • Features
    • Robust sales and marketing solution for increasing lead conversion, decreasing the sales cycle, and closing more deals
    • Omni-channel outreach
    • Highly nuanced and customizable conversational journeys
    • AI-powered insight and tracking
    • Real-time notifications to capture the highest engagement
    • Pipeline focused conversations

10. Hubspot Chatbot Builder

Best CRM-Integrated Chatbots

  • Price – Full chatbot features available on pro plans $860/mo+
  • Features
    • A full-suite CRM service
    • Visual flow building
    • Offers bot templates such as concierge bot, qualify leads bot, meetings bot, tickets bot, knowledge base bot
    • Serves as a Facebook messenger chatbot, too 

11. Zendesk

Best CRM-Integrated Chatbots

  • Price – Zendesk for sales starts at $19/mo per user
  • Features 
    • A complete customer solution 
    • Uses machine learning to respond to customer inquiries
    • Integrates with other popular messengers via Sunshine Conversations 

15 Ways to Use a Sales Chatbot to Increase Leads, Conversions, and Customer Satisfaction

Over the last several years, chatbots have proven they’re more than just annoying pop-up robots. Their popularity, constantly growing accuracy, adaptability, and artificial intelligence contribute to their reputation as a preferred method of communication amongst many customer sectors. 

These fifteen ways you can use chatbots are aimed at helping you implement, enhance, and optimize them in your sales process so that customers are guided seamlessly through your sales funnel. Try these strategies to boost sales — and spend less time selling. 

#1 Thoughtfully Engage Customers

Greet your website visitors and let them know that you’re there to help. Proactively welcoming your customers and giving them a clear path to find what they need — before they’ve even clicked around your site — creates a customized journey that is more likely to lead to a sale. 

#2 Qualify Leads

Leverage your chatbot by using qualifying questions to understand the nuanced reason someone has arrived at your site. Determining whether the visitor is a potential lead through your chatbot before passing them along to a representative saves your team time. 

#3 Make Product Recommendations

Use the information you collect to have your sales bot recommend products or services that align with the visitor’s needs. Then, have your sales bot take visitors through a conversational chat to find out what complementary upsell and cross-sell opportunities may exist. 

#4 Answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most chatbots use machine learning, various AI platforms, and gather information directly from your existing customer support materials. Program your chatbot to provide instant responses to common customer queries. Fast chat response times with accurate information build trust and keep customers on your site — rather than wandering to a competitor’s. 

#5 Provide Guidance

When customers are making a purchase or booking with you, use chatbots to provide step-by-step guidance, help filling out forms, and support with checking out. Chatbots can address common objections and questions that typically arise for your customers before buying.

#6 Collect Contact Information

Sales bots, rather than email list signups, can collect contact information in a more personal way for specific follow-up. Based on the information you collect, you might offer a discount, exclusive offer, or free informational product (i.e., an ebook, guide, or digital tool) in exchange for contact information. 

#7 Provide 24/7 Availability

Having a robust chatbot available 24/7 shows your commitment to customer service and allows customers to resolve queries when your team isn’t on the clock. Highlight your chatbot availability, particularly during ‘off’ hours. 

#8 Personalize Responses

Addressing customers by name is just the tip of the iceberg regarding chatbot personalization. You can also tailor interactions, recommendations, and responses to a visitor’s history and preferences.

#9 Gather Feedback and Improvement

Collect feedback from customers about their chatbot interactions and ensure that your team regularly reviews this feedback to continually improve the chatbot’s effectiveness and the user experience it provides.

#10 Integrate with CRM and Sales Tools

Connect your chatbot to an existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, or choose a chatbot platform that provides a CRM. Doing this ensures your chatbot can seamlessly transfer each lead’s information to your sales team in an organized system. 

#11 Analyze Your Performance

Identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) most relevant to your goals with chatbots. These will likely be your conversion rates, average order value, and new leads acquired. Track and measure these stats to determine the impact your chatbot has on performance. 

#12 Test and Optimize

Chatbots should be an ever-evolving part of your sales team. We recommend conducting A/B tests to optimize your dialogues, CTAs, and recommendations to continuously improve your chatbot. 

#13 Train Your Chatbot

Treat your chatbot like a new employee you’re onboarding. In addition to testing and optimizing, continue to grow your chatbot by implementing ongoing training and updates. Your chatbot should intimately understand your product or service as well as relevant industry trends that customers may inquire about. 

#14 Merge with Human Support

Chatbots are a great first point of contact, but in cases of high-ticket sales or industries with a longer sales cycle, like SaaS sales, customers will likely need to be handed off to a human at some point in the chat. Complex queries and those that are highly specific will also need to be handled by human sales representatives.

#15 Continuously Adapt

As you test, review performance, and train your chatbot, consider how your customer needs, market, and industry are changing too. The scripts or playbooks your chatbot uses, and responses your chatbot generates should adapt to make the most of every interaction.  

By implementing these strategies and continuously optimizing your sales bots, you can provide a more personalized and efficient customer experience, which, in turn, can lead to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

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