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Inside Salespeople: Our Quick-Start Guide to Hiring

Are your sales priorities velocity, volume, and lower costs? Inside sales might be the team structure you need to hire for.

What is an Inside Sales Person?

Inside salespeople are an excellent fit for teams that rely heavily on sales techniques such as cold calling, email marketing, social media platforms, and web conferences. This style of sales doesn’t require travel and can be done from a remote location or corporate office. 

Look for These 3 Qualities When Hiring Inside Salespeople

#1 Strong Communication Skills

Inside salespeople need to quickly establish a rapport that contributes to long-term client relationships. They need to be able to do this over the phone or via virtual communication since inside salespeople don’t travel to meet on-site with leads. Cutting-edge communication skills are an inside sales non-negotiable.

#2 A Proven Track Record of Growing Accounts

If you’re looking for a way to establish a consistent flow of revenue, your inside salespeople are the ticket. A history of account growth ensures your inside sales candidates will make the most of every opportunity. 

#3 CRM and Virtual Tool Savvy 

Navigating modern inside sales means tapping into the power of tech. Your inside salespeople should master tracking customers’ journeys through your sales funnel, use various platforms with ease, and even be able to integrate sales chatbots into their work.

Contact us today to get started building your inside sales team from our global network of top sales professionals.

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