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Outside Salespeople: Our Quick-Start Guide to Hiring

Does your industry require on-the-go sales representatives who can make a powerful impression in person to close significant deals? Outside sales might be the team structure you need to hire for. 

What is an Outside Salesperson?

While inside salespeople perform their roles via tech and telephone, outside salespeople perform theirs with clients face-to-face. Outside salespeople typically travel and meet clients in their own offices. 

Hire Outside Salespeople With These 3 Qualities 

#1 The Ability to Close Deals in a Timely Manner

Many companies with long sales cycles use outside salespeople. However, that only further emphasizes the importance of efficient sales. Look for outside salespeople who can keep the sales process moving to close deals swiftly.

#2 A History of Closing Large Deals 

Outside sales bring in the big wins that are achieved over time. Given the investment required to close these deals, it is vital that representatives can close large deals to fuel revenue. 

#3 Competence in Conducting Sales Face-to-Face

Demos and other in-person sales tactics are unique to the role of outside salespeople. When hiring, ensure that your candidates have experience and a level of comfort meeting with people, educating prospects, and engaging people in real-time conversations.

Take the next step in your hiring process — reach out to our team and get access to our extensive network of top talent. 


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