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Cut Your Costs: Onboarding Sales Reps

The cost of a new sales rep can be half or more of their annual base salary, plus advanced commissions — not a small price to pay, especially if they don’t stick around. One of the best ways to improve retention is to look at your onboarding process. When you make onboarding sales reps more effective and efficient, you’ll have better-trained employees and save on training costs. 

Two Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Onboarding Process

#1 Immerse new hires in your key product or service.

Do this before any other training takes place. When your new sales reps deeply understand what they’ll be selling, they can integrate the rest of their into their product knowledge. If you start with sales skills instead of this immersion, it’s more challenging for employees to find their flow. 

#2 Engage your sales reps with quick wins. 

Most people who become sales reps do so because they’re highly motivated and thrive on a system of rewards. They don’t want to spend months in training without any opportunity to perform. Providing lower-stakes opportunities for them to ‘win’ will pay off in higher engagement and prime them for closing enterprise sales deals down the road. 

Ready to onboard your next sales superstar? Contact us today. We’d love to help.

Sales rep being onboarded.


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