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Start Hiring Farmers for Relationship-Building Sales

Salespeople aren’t all extroverted and enchanting. Some bring a bit of warmth to their role. These are the farmer sales types, and you’ll want to look for them in your hiring process intentionally. 

Values that Drive Farmer Types

Farmers are typically different from your front-line salespeople. They are more customer service oriented and enjoy sales within a long-term customer relationship container. They are motivated by increasing the lifetime value of customers to the company — and increasing the company’s value to the customer!

Telltale Signs the Candidate You’re Interviewing is a Farmer Type

When a job candidate shares past experiences of nurturing long-time relationships, there’s a good chance you have a farmer type on your hands. Farmer sales professionals aren’t as aggressive as hunters in their job search, which carries over into their work style. 

You can see the farmer’s sales DNA coming through when a salesperson talks about how they maximized account values and brought a standard of excellence to the service their customers received. These types will also be more interested in a high base salary and lower commission. 

Are you looking to hire a dedicated farmer salesperson for your team? Contact us today. We’d love to help you find the perfect fit!


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