Top-performing sales professionals often have the hunter sales type DNA. They’re achievement-driven and willing to be incredibly agile to reach their goals — and meet sales quotas. 

How to Pick Out the True Hunter Sales Types

If you know you want to hire hunter sales types, you might think listing this requirement in your job posting would be sufficient. But, many farmer types will still apply, assuming they have what it takes to become a hunter on the job. True hunters are very strategic, solution-oriented, and risk-tolerant. They will show personality traits that align with extroversion and charisma. 

How a Hunter Shows Up For Interviews

In an interview, hunter types will talk in detail about how they have taken unique and effective paths to win challenging clients. At the same time, these types will show you that they know just when to walk away from an unprofitable opportunity. 

Regarding salary negotiations, hunters will be open to lower base pay and higher commissions. 

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