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Sales Compensation Report 2019

We surveyed over 1,000 sales professionals from across North America. From our 30 questions, we set out to discover what sales salaries and compensation they are receiving in 2019, what salaries and on-target earnings were prevalent in the industry, and the rate of growth from last year.

Covering all major regions, and industries including software, IT services, and manufacturing, we’ve compiled the results from our survey, analyzed the data, and packaged our findings into our 27 page Sales Compensation Report 2019. In addition to the above, we were able to find a number of insights.

Inside our report you’ll find:

  • Base Salary and On-Target-Earnings averages by industry and region;
  • Salary growth by industry and region since last year;
  • Common splits and incentives available to sales professionals;
  • How compensation and incentives impact sales performance;
  • How perception plays a role in compensation satisfaction; and
  • How sales leadership is one of the most important non-monetary incentives sales professionals wish to see

For those looking for a less-detailed presentation of our findings in a format that’s more easily digestible, we’ve put together the following infographic to help inform your future compensation and budgeting considerations!

Sales Comp 2019 Infographic



Keith Johnstone

Sales & Recruiting Expert at Peak Sales Recruiting
Keith spent his first years in the recruiting business helping employers find top performing sales executives and then worked his way up through the ranks, becoming a manager of marketing and an expert on B2B sales and hiring matters. A graduate from the University of Guelph, he regularly contributes to the Peak Sales blog.
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