An average B2B sales rep lasts two years in their position, but almost half of that time is spent in the hiring and onboarding process. Creating a bench of sales talent gives sales leaders consistent and quick access to top talent when they are growing and need it most. Essentially, a bench of sales talent becomes your ‘sales funnel’ for employees. 

First, Identify A Players for Your Bench of Sales Talent

Once you’ve formed an ideal candidate profile, tap into the networks of your top representatives to find your ‘warm leads.’ Additional sources of sales representatives could be professional associations, trade shows, or your own organically grown talent community. 

Tap Into the Power of a CRM to Track Your Bench

Maintaining and nurturing your bench of sales talent takes time and intention. Having your candidates tracked in a CRM will allow you to monitor your interactions and know who your best-fit candidates are at a glance. 

Keep Your Process High-Touch

A marketing lead requires multiple touchpoints before a sale. Your hiring leads do, too. Outreach and targeted content that builds a candidate’s relationship with your brand is ideal.  

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Brent Thomson

Co-Founder at Peak Sales Recruiting
Before Peak, Brent worked in sales and sales-leadership positions for 18 years. He has considerable experience building and running high-performance teams, which consistently won awards and exceeded sales targets. He was Vice President of Sales for a financial management consulting company, and served with Borland Software as a Regional Sales Manager.

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