Best Practices for Interviewing Remotely

with Zain Al Jaber


Meet Zain Al Jaber, Client Manager at Peak Sales Recruiting

00:00 Intro

00:20 Best Practices for Interviewing Remotely – Three Key Tips for Remote Interviews:

  1.       Setting up interviews:
  •         Preferably book candidates in for a video call. Video interviews leave a stronger impact and allow for better engagement.
  •         Things to look for; body language, the way the candidates present themselves, are they punctual, is the background professional? Are they someone who I can proudly present to my client?
  •         Always send a calendar invite for the call to ensure candidates do not miss the call.
  1.       Research candidates before interviews:
  •         Ask the candidate to provide a resume prior to the call.
  •         Go through their LinkedIn profile and understand what industries they are in. Get an idea about what their current employer sells.
  •         Identify any mutual connections to break the ice and make the interview more of a conversation.
  1.       Best Practices in interviewing remotely:
  •         Always ask if it is still a good time to chat. Ensure both the candidate and the recruiter are in a reasonably quiet place.
  •         Consider that there might be some connection delays, ask the questions clearly and pause.
  •         Ask open ended questions that will allow the potential candidate to elaborate on their experience.

02:15 How to structure the interview process in order to gain the needed information from candidates? 

  • Best practices involve clients to allocate 1 hour time slot to interview candidates for an initial interview.
  • Leave a buffer time of 30 mins between candidates interviews to ensure all gathered information is noted properly. 


02:50 Questions to ask candidates to ensure they have done their homework

  • To ensure the candidates are well prepared, ask questions: What do you know about our company? What makes you excited about our organization? How do you feel about the territory X that you will be responsible for? 
  • ALWAYS ask the candidates if they have any questions about the role/company. Typically when they have a number of questions prepared, they have done a good job researching the company and the role. 

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