Best Practices for Hiring Remotely

with Kyle Fletcher


Meet Kyle Fletcher, Vice President Delivery at Peak Sales Recruiting

00:00 Intro

00:27 Best Practices of Hiring Remotely

01:24 Evaluating talent: Testing an individual’s ability to work remotely while interviewing is important, but even more so critical is to evaluate and understand if someone has been successful in a previous remote setting. 

02:14 Setting Up Your Potential Hire for Success: Internally do you offer the proper support and tools? Ensure a new hire feels a part of the team and will ramp up quickly in a remote environment.

03:39 Remote Onboarding Tips & Tricks: Make sure you have a full onboarding program in the first few weeks of settling in. Find out what we do at Peak Sales Recruiting from Day 1

04:44  A few key takeaways

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