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You are a top performing salesperson, so it is in your DNA to sell. And, best of all, you know how to sell yourself. However, before you can get the opportunity to sell a future employer on the reasons why their company needs you to achieve their aggressive growth goals, you need to attract them through a winning sales resume.

According to Inc., every corporate job opening will receive 250 resumes, however, only 4-6 of those resumes will receive an interview opportunity. Therefore, it is essential to develop a resume that stands out from the crowd and establishes you as a top performing salesperson.

That is why we at Peak have compiled the 5 keys to writing a winning sales resume that will you your dream job:

Winning Sales Resume Infographic

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Taylor Dumouchel

Marketing Specialist at Peak Sales Recruiting
Taylor spent her first years in the recruiting business helping employers find top performing sales executives and then worked her way up through the ranks, becoming a specialist in marketing and an expert in B2B sales and hiring matters. A graduate from the University of Ottawa, she regularly contributes to the Peak Sales blog.
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