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10 Reasons Why a Sales Recruiter Will Advance Your Career

Advantages of Working with a Sales Recruiter

Whether you are happily employed, or actively looking for a new position, landing a sales job has become increasingly complex. A recent Wall Street Journal article revealed that 80 percent of corporate jobs are never advertised. Simply put, without expert knowledge, your career trajectory suffers.

Enter recruiters. Companies hire these professionals when a position is difficult to fill, when the role requires a very specific set of skills, or because they need the position filled quickly and lack the time or resources to get someone hired.

Recruiters specialize in building relationships with companies, sourcing and vetting top level candidates, and understanding the needs and goals of both. They are experts in the job market and understand hiring trends and challenges. But this is simply where it begins.

Here are the top ten reasons a sales recruiter is your best resource for advancing your sales career:


1. They know the industry

Much like sales professionals know their territory, sales recruiters understand their industry. They know who’s hiring, what positions are available, or will be in the future. Only a recruiter can provide this valuable insight.

2. They have access to jobs that will never be on the market

Often, recruiters are called to replace positions that are currently occupied or fill jobs that are new to the organization. These roles are rarely publicly advertised. The only way to find out about these potentially attractive positions is by partnering with a sales recruiter.

3. They have company insight

Retained recruiters spend a significant amount of time talking to and understanding companies since it’s their job to be informed and connected. These relationships enable recruiters to provide inside information about companies that aren’t readily available from other public sources. This provides an invaluable edge against other candidates applying for the same position.

4. Their reputation provides you with credibility

If you are qualified for a position, you can rely on the recruiter to get you an interview. They know the details of your work history and skillset and know how to effectively communicate this to the company. Since they have a relationship with the company, their advocacy of you is more meaningful than your resume.

5. They will improve your interview skills

In the process of working with a recruiter, you will become better prepared for the interview because he or she will have a good understanding of your prospective employer’s interview process. While good sales recruiters won’t “coach” you about what the interviewer is looking for or the kind of questions they may ask, they can provide you with advice on how to prepare for the interview and how to showcase your skills and accomplishments.

6. They save you time

The screening procedure during the interview process has multiple stages and takes a significant amount of time. Working with recruiters means it will be their time, not yours, spent matching your skills and experience with career opportunities.

7. They help you highlight your most relevant skillset

As someone who is an experienced sales expert, you likely have a great deal of sales experience to draw on when showcasing your work history. A sales recruiter can help you hone in on what’s most important in the role you are seeking.

8. They job hunt for you

Recruiters take much of the grunt work out of the process of making your next career move. Because they are constantly in contact with companies in the process of hiring, they are your source of insight and information when a potential role becomes available. You are able to remain employed in your career and only be contacted about positions that are in line with your career goals.

9. They help you negotiate

During the negotiation stage of hiring, your recruiter will act as a liaison between you and your new employer. He or she can provide you and the client with insight about the market of other compensation packages for roles at your level, helping you and your prospective employer negotiate a fair and effective compensation plan.

10. They provide support during the onboarding phase

During the onboarding process, top sales recruiters will prepare you for the first few days on the job, and then check in to ensure that you are getting comfortable in your new role. It’s a time when the recruiter can get any last feedback from the you as well.


Before choosing a recruiter to work with, do your research since not all recruiting firms are the same. Finding a great recruiter can mean the difference between remaining stuck in a less than fulfilling role and advancing your career to one that is meaningful and lucrative.

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