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60 Sales Team Names: A Comprehensive List

While it’s easy to dismiss sales team names as a nonessential element of team membership, the fact remains that a relevant and unified sales team name creates alignment and helps foster a sense of unity within a group dynamic. Ultimately, the sense of belonging that comes from being in a group is a powerful component of success, and attaching a name that instills a sense of unity is an important element that sales leaders can leverage. In light of this, we’ve assembled a comprehensive list of over 50 sales team name ideas you can use within your sales department.

In fact, Peak’s Chief Sales Officer and Managing Partner Brent Thompson knows first hand the value that can come from a cohesive sales team name. In the early days of his career, Brent was employed at Fast Lane Technologies. He was a member of the sales team the Hounds in the Pound: read on to explore the comprehensive list of the best sales team names we have seen at Peak since, and to learn how the name the Hounds in the Pound came to be.

60 Sales Team Names:

Ask to Answers
Aggressive Achievers
Business as Usual

Business as Usual

Business Bulldogs
B2B Bandits
BD Bulldozers
BD Dominators
Captains of Commerce
Cold Call Captains
C-Suite Sellers
Commissioners of Cold Calling
Dynamite Dealers
Earning Eagles
Elite Group
Empty Coffee Cups
Fast Talkers
Fast & Furious
Fear This
Fans of the Boss
Hawk Insights
Hounds in the Pound
Hot Shots
Hungry Hunters
Hunting Hounds
It’s Business Time
Keep Calm & Sell On
Leaders of the Hunt
Money Makers
Miracle Workers
Over Achievers
Product Pushers
Power Sales
Power Grabbers
Prospect Persuaders
Prospecting Powerhouses
Peak Performers
Quality Control
Revenue Revelers
Risky Business
Sales R Us
Sales Express
Sales Xpress
Spin Sellers
Sons of Strategy
Sale on a Sail
Super Sellers
Solution Sellers
Sultans of Sales
Team Prosperity
The Target Markets
The Sellouts
The Value Propositions
Territory Tyrants
We Are Dynamite
Wheeler Dealers
Qualifying Leaders
Quota Crushers

As for the story behind the Hounds in the Pound, the company Brent worked for was a software start-up that was expanding fast, and the organization was simply outgrowing the tenth floor office space it occupied. The founders were in the midst of expanding and carving out their team and, simply put, the sales team went from an airy tenth floor open concept to no windows in a dingy basement in the span of an afternoon.

What Brent and his fellow sales reps discovered was that they didn’t require a fancy office—or really, an office at all—to be successful and enjoy their work environment. They had t-shirts made up for their team, set up a hockey net, aptly named themselves The Hounds in the Pound, and excelled as the number one team in their organization.

When their office space finally expanded, the basement dwellers didn’t want to leave. There was a strong sense of alignment and a cohesive team identity that they wanted to protect. “It was the best team I’ve ever been on because we all cared and we were all in it together,” he explains. The accomplishments of the Hounds in the Pound remains his favorite team to this day.

Out of our top 10 sales team names, which is your favorite?

A Team
B2B Bandits
Cold Call Captains
Empty Coffee Cups
Hounds in the Pound
Hot Shots
Keep Calm & Sell On
Money Makers
Sons of Strategy
The Sellouts
Please Specify:

Sales team names can be one of the foundations of a great sales organization. What sales team names have you comes across? Leave them in the comment section below! 


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