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Is Cold Calling Legal? A Comprehensive Guide to B2B and B2C Cold Calling

by Kyle Fletcher | Published on - January 25, 2024

Cold calling. The mere mention evokes images of pushy salespeople and disgruntled recipients. But before you write it off as a relic of the past, consider this: cold calling is still legal (with some important caveats). When done right, it can be a surprisingly effective sales tool. Is Cold Calling Illegal? The short answer: No — cold

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3 Sales Coaching Techniques to Enhance Team Performance

by Brent Thomson | Published on - January 5, 2024

Good sales managers know the value of constructive feedback. Great managers know that sales coaching takes feedback to another level.  With the proper sales coaching techniques, sales leaders can bring out the best in their team, increase conversions, and promote a thriving sales culture.  1. Personalize Goals Even if your sales representatives know the goals

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5 Ways To Improve How You Train Sales Teams in Your Company

by Eliot Burdett | Published on - January 4, 2024

A few small shifts in the way you approach training can be the difference between successful onboarding and expensive hiring mistakes. As you train sales team members, consider these six tips for improving your process.  #1 Set Up Your Training Environment for Success Since happy salespeople are more productive by at least 20%, creating a workplace

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Our Top Tips on How to Grow Accounts

by Ryan Thornton | Published on - January 4, 2024

Selling doesn’t stop when a sale is closed. That’s just the beginning of your relationship with a new customer. Providing quality delivery, offering upsells to a customer’s existing purchase, and getting renewals of subscriptions can all help you grow accounts.  Make the most of your every sale with these tips on how to grow accounts! Don’t Depend

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B2B Cold Calling: 20 Tips for 2024

by Kyle Fletcher | Published on - January 3, 2024

The B2B cold call is still hot in 2024. Savvy sales leaders are paying attention. They are upping their cold-calling game and preparing to start the year strong.  In this blog, you’ll find 20 of our best cold-calling tips for 2024. You’ll also find four mistakes to avoid. This will help you stay ahead of