Scaling your sales team is a whole-organization effort. Check for these three signs that indicate you’re ready to scale. 

Sign #1 You Have Aligned Key Players In Place

The five key players every company needs in place to scale are the VP of Sales, VP of HR, CEO, CFO, and Board of Directors. Each plays a part in ensuring scaling your sales team is strategic and sustainable.  

Sign #2 You Know How to Pace Your Growth

If your growth ambitions overtake logical planning, you’ll be at risk of over-scaling your sales team and then sabotaging your success. You must continually check in with your team to ensure that you are scaling at an appropriate pace. 

Sign #3 You’re a Talent-First Organization

A talent-first organization requires its key players to work cooperatively to invest time, attention, and resources in their team’s talent development. For example, your VP of Sales is responsible for talent acquisition, while the VP of HR ensures the company delivers on its promises, and the CFO prioritizes funding talent. 

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