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Look for These 10 Traits of Top Performers in Your Next Interview

Salespeople are masters at telling people what they want to hear. That doesn’t mean they’re always lying, but it does mean they can be misleading in interviews. Psychometric assessments can cut through the illusion, provide a clear picture of a candidate’s strengths and most prominent personality traits, and make top performers easy to spot.

When reviewing candidate results, look for these ten traits to identify top performers to add to your sales team.

#1: Is goal-oriented with an unshakable work ethic. 

#2: Confident even in the face of rejection. 

#3: Overcomes obstacles with optimism and determination. 

#4: Enjoys striving to be the best in healthy competition. 

#5: Has a sense of urgency that drives them to achieve efficiently. 

#6: Has an innate need to connect with and engage others. 

#7: Applies creativity to problem-solving. 

#8: Maintains an organized and disciplined schedule.

#9: Assimilates into new work cultures with ease.

#10: Orients themselves to the client to help them achieve optimal outcomes.

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