Remote Company Culture

with Kelly Ruddick

Meet Kelly Ruddick, Chief Spirit Officer at Peak Sales Recruiting

00:00 Intro

  • Meet Kelly Ruddick, Chief Spirit Officer at Peak Sales Recruiting. Her role is to keep people connected.

00:10 Remote Company Culture

  • Given title Chief Spirit Officer. Any company that adopts this role to specifically keep their people connected are ahead of the rest because they are focussing on their people
  • So many aspects to keeping people connect, especially for remote work
  • We want new hires to feel connected
  • It’s about the personal touch when onboarding and making an effort to get to know them and have them feel welcome and part of the team.

00:54 Onboarding Process

  • The CSO is one of the first touchpoint after getting hired
  • Main point of contact, helping direct
  • We have a questionnaire so we can get to know new hires a bit better. What they like, what their personality might be…
  • It’s the little details that make people feel welcomed and valued.

1:48 Onboarding Tools

  • Receive onboarding kit (laptop, headset, extra monitor, some books, and a little treat, welcome basket, company swag.

2:08 We Like to Celebrate!

  • We like to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Friendship Festivities as our Holiday Party. This year we went remote. We pulled off a wonderful virtual party – rave reviews!

2:44 Hashtag Days!

  • We try not to overwhelm anybody as well. We don’t want TOO much. It’s a matter of finding balance.
  • When you can have your staff connecting socially outside of work, that’s where the bonds and future friendships are built
  • The way we’ve managed to do that is by hosting virtual escape rooms, #ThirstyThursdays, #WorkoutWednesdays…
  • We will be hosting a lunch n’ learn series called “How to Win at Life” where we will bring in speakers from the Finance industry who can show us how to invest properly, to a mindfulness coach who can show us how to meditate and manage stresses.
  • Anytime we can provide value to an employee’s life, they will in turn bring their best selves to work! That’s all anybody could ever ask for. If you have a full team of people bringing in their best selves to work every day…you are winning #WINNING

3:55 Companies Should Adopt This Role

  • So many companies don’t have any of this at all.
  • We’re already ahead of the game. We have someone looking out for Peak’s People!

4:12 Pointer

  • “Give everybody the tools that they need to even get through the pandemic!”

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