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High-Touch is the Competitive Differentiator, Says Auxillium’s New Executive Director

Auxillium Hires New Executive Director

Peak Candidate Promoted to C-Level Role, Transforms Call Center Ops for Midsize Companies

The days of personalized customer service may be something in the past, but that’s not the case at Auxillium. With a company name meaning “anecdote or aid,” Auxillium’s dedication to helping businesses create exceptional customer interactions through dynamic call center environments is core to its culture.

A subsidiary of Project Resources Group (PRG), Auxillium operates in the global business process outsourcing (BPO) sector a market projected to exceed $400 billion by next year. The company is executing an impressive growth plan focused on maximizing its competitive edge: dedicated, high-touch service to small and mid-markets.

If you ask Auxillium’s new Executive Director Randy Arellano, the team is already ahead of plan.

Hired through Peak Sales Recruiting, Randy joined eight months ago as Auxillium’s Head of Sales and Marketing. Flash to 2019 and Randy is now in a C-level role running Auxillium’s entire operations.

Randy Hired Through Peak & PRG Teamwork

For the team at PRG and Auxillium, Randy’s move from Sales Executive to C-Level is no surprise. With a goal last year of recruiting a top sales executive to jump start Auxillium’s sales and marketing, the company needed a seasoned pro. The ideal leader would bring deep experience across multiple operational functions to position Auxillium for success in the highly-competitive, rapidly-changing BPO market.

Steve Wychulis, Director of HR for PRG, discusses the talent acquisition search that led to finding Randy, “There were significant expectations for this role. It was critical for us to find an experienced sales executive with in-depth experience in the call center and BPO space as well as someone who understood how to execute our vision as we build our business and leadership team.”

After researching top recruitment firms, Steve chose to partner with Peak Sales Recruiting. “I researched the competitive options in the market very thoroughly,” says Steve. “Peak stood out among the rest for its structured process and methodologies, and its strong track record recruiting successful B2B sales leaders.”

Using a talent acquisition process that includes a 4-step sales recruiting methodology, the Peak team worked quickly to identify, screen, evaluate and present top candidates.  Peak’s methodology determines corporate objectives, identifies the profile of an ideal candidate, and targets headhunting to find the top candidates. For the final step in its methodology, Peak adds scientific assessment – its proprietary P95 assessment method – taking the process one step deeper. Its P95 assessment evaluates candidates’ selling behaviors through three phases of advanced assessment that are critical in determining whether candidates have the sales DNA to perform in a client’s selling environment.

60 days later, Randy was hired as Auxillium’s first sales executive.

“We are extremely pleased to have Randy on board and I’m confident we made the right choice partnering with Peak,” says Steve. “Working with the Peak team was a fantastic experience and exactly what I expected from my research. There was also a lot of great education gained. It was more of a partnership than a vendor relationship.”

New Auxillium Executive Director Puts Plan into Action

Soon after his hire, Randy was promoted to Executive Director, a C-Level role leading Auxillium’s operations.  Steve explains the vision behind the promotion, “Randy’s move to Executive Director of Auxillium was a natural step and this role showcases his deep experience across all operations management functions in the call center and BPO outsourcing space.”

A seasoned and dynamic management leader, Randy has spent more than thirty-five years in the financial services, insurance, call center and BPO industries combined. In the past 25 years, he has helped many of the largest companies in the Call Center and BPO sector develop new business units, build new service offerings, and expand into new markets by leading and directing teams to a high level of success.

“We have an exciting path ahead of us,” says Randy. “I’m honored to step up to the challenge and drive success for our customers, Auxillium team, and our parent company.”

Through Randy’s leadership and strategic focus on the midmarket, Auxillium already has a full pipeline of new opportunities.  “As the BPO market continues to consolidate and automate service delivery, smaller operations have a hard time finding the support they need for their projects. We also know there is a need in the market for customized, high-touch service and that’s where our team shines,” explains Randy. “Our competitive edge is the ability to support smaller call center projects. We are the only call center and BPO solutions provider in our market that can effectively respond to any size project.”

Auxillium provides operational support, management, documentation and consultative processes, working with companies across a range of verticals to design, implement, manage and enhance their customer interaction and data handling environment. The company’s proprietary, structured coaching and techniques process ensures exceptional performance at a smaller scale.

The result? Auxillium helps clients raise their level of operational effectiveness, lower operating costs, enhance the customer experience, and build powerful brands.

As Auxillium executes its growth plan, Randy and Steve plan to work with Peak again. “Working with exceptional business partners like Peak are enabling us to leap ahead of the competition, build our business, and continue to provide the highest level of service to our customers,” adds Randy. “We will definitely partner with Peak again as we grow our operations.”

Are you ready to take your talent acquisition to the next level?  Learn more about Peak’s services or contact us today to recruit top sales talent.


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