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Boston’s Sales Hiring Landscape

Boston Sales Recruiters

Are you looking for sales talent in Boston and the New England region? Peak has expertise in recruiting sales professionals in B2B, technology, and industrial companies. The first step to effectively recruiting sales representatives in Boston is understanding expectations.

Sales Salaries In Boston, MA: Market Expectations

Competing effectively for sales talent in Boston starts with understanding the market’s expectations. The following data comes from a May 2021 survey conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for the Boston region. Remember that heightened inflation in 2020-2022 has impacted the market in interpreting this salary information. 

  • Advertising Sales Agents: $73,920
  • Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Technical and Scientific Products: $122,430
  • Sales Representatives of Services, Except Advertising, Insurance, Financial Services, and Travel: $84,400
  • Sales Engineers: $114,450
  • Retail Salespersons: $36,240
  • Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Except Technical and Scientific Products: $88,210

Boston has an average household income of $76,298, so the sales profession offers excellent opportunities to thrive. 

Boston Sales Recruiting Success Stories

Peak has successfully helped multiple Boston companies grow faster with sales recruitment. 

Ritchie Bros

Founded in 1958, Richie Bros helps businesses buy and sell heavy equipment, trucks, and other industrial goods. Tim Keane, sales director at Richie Bros, says, “Peak’s process found us great candidates that fit our requirements. We made a great hire who’s continuing to perform.


In business for over one hundred years, Uponor offers plumbing and related products for homes and commercial buildings.  “Peak doesn’t waste your time. They quickly send you fully vetted candidates who meet your requirements,” says Jennifer Gies, human resources manager at Uponor.


Avast is best known for its antivirus software and offers some of the world’s most popular security software. Tina Moon, human resources at Avast, says, “we chose Peak because they proved they understood the external marketing and had an established network.”

The Largest Boston Employers

Peak’s expertise in the Boston job market extends to understanding the region’s major employers. Many of the best professionals, including sales pros, are already working at these large companies. The Boston job market is, therefore, significantly influenced by the decisions of these large organizations.

Over forty companies employ more than one thousand people in the Boston area. These significant employers account for over one in five (i.e., 21%) of the city’s jobs.

  • Massachusetts General Hospital (health care): 11,415 employees
  • Fidelity Investments (finance): 8,000 employees
  • BankBoston (finance): 5,429 employees
  • Liberty Mutual (insurance): 4,657 employees 
  • Gilette Company (personal care products): 3,404 employees
  • Boston Globe (newspaper and media company): 2,250 employees
  • American Airlines (Airline): 1,600 employees

In addition to large companies, Boston is home to more than 1,000 startup companies. In 2021, Boston-based life sciences company Ginkgo Bioworks went public. Toast, a startup software company focused on the software industry, went public in 2021 and raised hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. These success stories show what ambitious companies can achieve in Boston.

The region also has a pipeline of growing startup companies thanks to support from investors and major companies. The region’s long-established startup accelerators include the Boston Founder Institute, Greentown Labs, and Harvard Innovation Labs. In 2022, Intel announced that it expanded its early-stage acceleration program for startup companies to Boston. 

Companies Investing In The Boston Region

Boston’s growing economy makes it an attractive place to build your sales team. The following companies have recently invested substantially in the region.

  • Amazon. The e-commerce firm announced opening an office with 3,000 employees in Boston in 2021.
  • Boston Sword and Tuna. The seafood company opened a new 50,000-foot facility in the region in 2020.
  • Prodrive Technologies. Based in the Netherlands, the technology business opened a new facility in the Boston region focused on manufacturing and R&D in 2020.
  • Law Firms Expanding In Boston. Multiple law firms, including Akin Gump, Allen & Overy, Barnes & Thornburg, and Fox Rothschild have recently expanded their presence in Boston. 

These expansion efforts mean more business opportunities for Boston sales professionals. Work with Peak today to find the right sales talent for your growth goals.

State of The Sales Profession In Boston

Demand for sales professionals in the Boston region remains high. More than five thousand full-time sales job positions are available in Boston. Roughly 10% of these positions are remote. More employers are offering hybrid positions. Industries currently hiring for sales positions in Boston include financial services, technology, pharmaceuticals, home goods, and many other industries.

Boston’s Growth Prospects

As one of the largest cities in New England, Boston is projected to grow substantially in the 2020s. By 2030, the city’s population is expected to grow to 710,000, a substantial increase from the current population of 654,000. In particular, East Boston, Dorchester, the Seaport, and the Southend are expected to grow the most. That’s not all; the Boston region is expected to add 50,000 new jobs by 2030. This growth means more opportunities for salespeople and growing companies throughout Massachusetts.

Experiencing The Boston Lifestyle

Boston is an attractive place to live because of its history, connection to New England, and outstanding health and education. Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US. The city’s famous Freedom Trial offers a unique way to experience America’s early history and museums. While proud of its past, Boston is also noted for its innovation, especially in health science.

Higher education is one of Boston’s greatest strengths. Nearby, Cambridge is home to two world-class universities: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. In addition, the city itself is home to more than a dozen universities and colleges, including Boston University, Northeastern University, University of Massachusetts Boston, and the New England Conservatory. As a place to grow and learn, it’s tough to beat Boston.

Want To Recruit Boston Sales Talent?

Hiring sales talent in Boston is easier when you have the proper support. Learn more about Peak’s Boston office and contact us today. Peak has expertise in recruiting industrial, B2B, and technology sales talent at all experience levels.