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4 Reasons to Consider Hiring Hybrid Sales Reps

Hybrid work is a great solution for companies that want to take advantage of the benefits of remote work without losing the benefits of in-office engagement. These are the four most popular reasons our sales recruiting clients choose to hire hybrid sales reps:

#1 Increased Productivity

A report by Aon Consulting showed that some organizations have seen productivity gains of up to 43% after adopting virtual teams. 

#2 Ease of Scaling Through Hybrid Sales Reps

Companies who take a remote or remote-hybrid approach to their sales teams expand their hiring pool, can more easily build a talent bench, and have a much easier time scaling their sales teams. 

#3 Ability to Hire Better Talent

A study of 80 global software teams indicated that remote teams can outperform those that share an office (if they’re well-managed). 

#4 Savings on Office Costs

While some cost is associated with hybrid sales reps’ offices, they tend to be much lower than the overhead from occupying large office buildings. A distributed workforce allows employers to use their office spaces more creatively and efficiently. 

Is it time to scale your hybrid sales team? Contact us to tap into our worldwide network of sales experts today.


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