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Try These 7 Strategies to Increase Your Sales Team Motivation

#1 Become an Outstanding Leader 

Set the tone for your team by taking deliberate action that improves your leadership skills and supports your team’s goals. A sense of ‘togetherness’ is motivating for sales teams. 

#2 Invest in Technology for Your Team

When sales representatives feel well-equipped and even better equipped than some of their peers who work elsewhere, they’ll become more efficient at their jobs. 

#3 Provide Training Ongoingly

Provide your team with the educational resources they need to succeed by constantly upgrading their skills. 

#4 Create Authentic Urgency 

Rewarding employees for actions that aren’t likely to generate commissions but are relevant to company goals is a powerful way to keep up momentum and morale on your team. 

#5 Encourage Friendly Competition

‘Winning’ is a natural motivator that can gamify work and inspire healthy competition. Consider ways to ‘keep score’ that will motivate your sales representatives to work together and independently. 

#6 Build a ‘Just-The-Right-Size’ Team 

If your sales shift, so should your team. An increase in sales should indicate an increase in the number of sales representatives on your team to prevent burnout. And a decrease should prompt a reduction in your team size to ensure there are enough sales to go around. 

#7 Provide a Top-Tier Compensation Package

Compensation packages should include:

  • Fair and achievable goals.
  • Solid base pay.
  • Unlimited commissions.
  • Opportunities for bonuses with an edge of novelty. 

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