COVID-19 has disrupted economies, altered businesses operations, and drastically changed norms. The strength of a company’s online capabilities, remote work flexibility, and ability to scale operations virtually has forced companies to revaluate their approach to business in a post-COVID environment. Specifically, corporate and HR leaders have taken a hard look at their human capital and supporting functions to evaluate their readiness and ability to adapt to meet hiring goals in the second half of 2020.   

Every organization has dealt with the situation differently. Some organizations froze hiring and made staffing cuts, while others invested to take advantage of new talent pools in the market. Many companies are now at the stage where they are ready to re-adjust hiring plans in an effort to resume operations and meet their market’s pent-up demand. 

The ultimate question that needs to be answered: should we start hiring again?

If you belong to an organization that has navigated through COVID-19 challenges and are considering hiring, take this short quiz and let our algorithm help you with this decision!


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