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9 Ways Your Killing Sales Team Morale

Sales teams that possess energy and confidence are successful. And, good sales leaders know how to keep morale high whether business is at a peak or in a slump. However, the majority of workers are not satisfied with their current jobs.

Research shows that 70 percent of workers are actively disengaged at their jobs. And, since poor morale is correlated with performance and turnover rates, it is an especially damaging drain on a sales team.

The best sales leaders understand that they need to maintain a high sales team morale in order to keep their reps motivated, and thus, hitting their numbers. However, sometimes it’s the smallest things that managers inadvertently do that have the biggest impact on their sales team’s happiness. That’s why at Peak, we put together an infographic with some of the most common ways sales managers kill sales team morale, along with actionable advice to turn it around.

Here are 9 ways you may be killing your sales team’s morale and how to turn it around:

Sales Manager Kill Sales Team Morale Infographic

Want to save this infographic? Download the PDF version:

Taylor Dumouchel

Marketing Specialist at Peak Sales Recruiting
Taylor spent her first years in the recruiting business helping employers find top performing sales executives and then worked her way up through the ranks, becoming a specialist in marketing and an expert in B2B sales and hiring matters. A graduate from the University of Ottawa, she regularly contributes to the Peak Sales blog.
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