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Survey Statistics Reveal The Best Sales Management Tools For 2016

There are literally thousands of technologies that can help drive sales growth, close more deals, accelerate rep productivity, and make more informed decisions, so given the sheer number of options, selecting the right sales enablement and management technologies can be time consuming for sales managers.

That is why at Peak Sales Recruiting, we wanted to gain a better understanding of what actual sales teams are loving – or hating – in current sales management tools. We wanted to understand what actual sales managers at high performing sales organizations are using to help their team consistently achieve their sales goals. That’s why our team fielded the 2015 Sales Management Tools Survey, which asked respondents about their must have sales tools of 2015. The findings are intriguing.

Participant Demographics


The Top 5 Sales Tools of 2015

Participants in the 2015 Sales Management Tools Survey were provided an extensive list of more than 170 sales tools—with the option to write in additional entries—and asked to select the 5 or fewer tools they rely on most heavily for sales and sales management tasks. The above chart reveals the sales tools most frequently chosen by respondents.

Although the next 5 sales tools on our list were not as prominent in this study, many are emerging and could gain in popularity. For this reason it is important to understand them, and how they might play a greater role in 2016 and beyond.

The Top Sales Tools By Category

Categorically based, Salesforce continues to be one of the top CRM choices for B2B sales teams, while GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Skype are the most relied upon web conferencing solutions. The extensive business network provided by LinkedIn has earned it the top spot in the social media category, with Twitter a distant second place. The below charts show the percentage of respondents that placed each tool in their list of top 5, most relied upon sales tools of 2015.



Salesforce is the leader in the CRM industry and it is no surprise that this is the #1 relied on sales tool in 2015. Moreover, 90% of respondents included a CRM in their top 5.



LinkedIn is prolific as a professional networking service, and the fact that nearly half of respondents have included it in their top sales tools is a testament to its effectiveness in prospecting and building profitable relationships.


Both GoToMeeting and WebEx scored highly in this research study and are leaders in the web conferencing market. In fact, 45% of respondents selected either one or the other.



Twitter rounds off the group as the #5 sales tool. About 1 in 7 respondents state that they rely heavily on this social networking service, which is useful for researching, prospecting and connecting.


Facebook is a social media phenom, especially in digital marketing, and salespeople are tapping into this enormous social database to connect with prospects. Social media usage in sales is on the rise in general, with 67% of respondents selecting at least one social platform as a top 5 sales tool.



Skype has been popular with consumers for some time, and salespeople are now leveraging it for its video, calling, messaging and sharing features.



Clearslide is a specialized sales and marketing platform that allows users to do live pitches with screen sharing, email pitches, share content, and then analyze all interactions.



Docusign is the leader in the electronic signature market, which is expanding rapidly year over year. Given the increasing demand for e-signatures, this tool will likely become more essential over time.


Salespeople have a lot to organize on a daily basis, and Evernote offers a helpful suite of organizational tools that fit the industry well.

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We would like to formally thank all the respondents who took time out of their busy schedule to help the sales community. Your insights are what helps sales and business leaders alike hit and exceed aggressive growth targets.


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