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Heart and Sell Shari Levitin Interview

Heart and Sell: One-on-One Interview with Shari Levitin

Today’s buyers are overwhelmed with too much information — delaying purchasing decisions and resulting in lost sales. In order to compensate, several sales professionals are either over-accommodating or creating high pressure which alienates prospects in the process. So, how does a salesperson meet sales targets while satisfying the customer’s desire for a heartfelt, authentic sales approach? Shari […]

Scaling Sales Team Mistakes

Scaling Your Sales Team: 5 Massive Mistakes

Sales force sizing is an integral aspect of a best-in-class sales team. Optimized headcount maximizes revenue while limiting inefficiencies within the sales organization. However, this important process doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Executive teams usually choose to expand and scale their sales teams when they’re responding to or anticipating a significant shift, such as major […]

How Top Salespeople Spend Their Free Time VIDEO

How the Best Sales Reps Spend Their Free Time [Video]

Top performing salespeople conduct themselves differently. They are just as disciplined and committed to achieving their goals inside the office, as they are at home. While an average sales rep may only be committed to success Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, A-players seize opportunity for success 24/7. While unplugging at the end of the day […]

Why Your Sales Reps are Leaving

21 Reasons Why Your Best Sales Reps Are Leaving [Infographic]

Top performing sales reps are rare — making up only 10-15% of the sales industry workforce — and, they are highly sought after. In order to remain competitive, it is essential that companies implement effective strategies to keep their top talent. However, research shows that the voluntary turnover rate for salespeople (15.9 percent) is higher than the […]